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Standards Council of Canada (SCC) Requirements

CAN-P-1579 Guidelines for the Accreditation of Mineral Analysis Testing Laboratires. CAN-P-1579 is the Standard Council of Canada's (SCC) requirements for the accreditation of mineral analysis testing laboratories. The CAN-P-1579 document provides an elaboration, interpretation and additional requirements to those requirements in ISO 17025 that are required for laboratories involved in performing mineral analysis testing for mining, exploration and processing. The program is designed to ensure mineral analysis testing laboratories meet minimum quality and reliability standards and to ensure a demonstrated uniform level of proficiency among these mineral analysis testing laboratories. This document identifies the minimum requirements for accreditation of laboratories supplying mineral analysis testing services for the following sample types: sediments, rocks, ores, metal products, tailings, other mineral samples, water and vegetation. To obtain initial accreditation by SCC, a laboratory must successfully complete both a proficiency testing regimen and an on-site assessment. We are one of the few commercial laboratories which has achieved this distinction.  Actlabs scope of accreditation for mineral testing is the most comprehensive in the industry!!

Recommendations of Toronto Stock Exchange – Ontario Securities Commission

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) believed that the quality of information available to the investing public, particularly in relation to mineral exploration and mining activities of reporting issuers, could be improved. As a result, the Toronto Stock Exchange – Ontario Securities Commission (TSC-OSC) Mineral Standards Task force developed and now recommends in their “Setting New Standards” report that mineral exploration companies use only ISO/IEC 17025 with CAN-P-1579 accredited laboratories. Actlabs was one of the first laboratories to attain the ISO/IEC 17025 with CAN-P-1579 designation within North America.

CAN-P-1578 Guidelines the Accreditation of Forensic Testing Laboratories
This voluntary program provides the assurance that a laboratory adheres to recognized practices and standards, and can be achieved through accreditation in the Program Specialty Area - Forensic Testing (PSA-FT) using the Guidelines for the Accreditation of Forensic Testing Laboratories (CAN-P-1578), which can be applied to all types of testing performed in Canadian forensic science laboratories. The ultimate goal of an accreditation program is to enhance the reliability and the comparability of test data generated from individual laboratories. In Forensic testing, our scope of accreditation included the following: Smoke Analysis Ignitable Liquids Analysis Open Characteristics.

CAN-P-1585 Requirements for the Accreditation of Environmental Testing Laboratories
CAN-P-1585 outlines the requirements for environmental testing laboratories.  It applies to all tests associated with the measurement of chemical, radio-chemical, biological, microbiological or toxicological and related physical characteristics of environmental samples (i.e., waste materials, air, water, soil, biological tissue, etc.).  Accreditation in this program requires ongoing continued participation and demonstrated satisfactory performance in acceptable proficiency testing schemes(s) for each test accredited.

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Certification and Scope of Accreditation. You can also view Certification for each facility.

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