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2012- Organo-Sulphur Geochemistry (OSG) - New Exploration Geochemistry

Actlabs introduces a new exploration geochemistry.  The Organo-Sulphur Geochemistry (OSG) is a weak leach geochemistry that targets 105 sulphur containing organic compounds with a reporting limit of 100 pg/Kg.  This new “pico-technology” appears to perform best to locate blind mineralization with a high amount of sulphides as expected.  It is proving to be an excellent drill targeting tool especially for Silver mineralization.  Spectacular results using OSG were observed in 2012 for Aura Silver’s Greyhound project in Nunavut ( www.aurasilver.com ).  These results also illustrated the latest 3D-Redox-Electochemical Cell interaction model that was developed by Dale Sutherland of Actlabs and presented at the IAGS conference in Finland in 2011.

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