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Polymers and Coatings

Our plastics and coatings lab can perform physical identifications, chemical analysis and mechanical tests. We evaluate a variety of coatings including galvanized, plastics and paints. We offer:

For plastics:

  • Resin identification
  • Filler content and identification
  • Mechanical properties testing
  • Thermal properties evaluation

For coatings:

  • Coating identification
  • Coating thickness
  • Coating weight
  • Adhesion testing
  • Chip resistance
  • Pencil hardness testing
  • Taber abrasion testing
  • Gardner impact testing
  • Bend testing

All of our coating tests are performed to ASTM standards and where applicable to automotive standards.

Activation Laboratories Ltd. | 41 Bittern Street, Ancaster, Ontario, L9G 4V5, Canada | TF: +1.888.228.5227
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