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Medical Device Testing

We provide high-quality analytical testing for the medical device industry including chemical, microbiological studies and materials testing. We use a variety of international methods for testing including ASTM, USP as well as customer supplied methods. Our experienced personnel can provide you with validation and feedback on international standard compliance.

Materials Testing

  • Physical testing hardness and ductility
  • Stability studies  
  • Validation studies
  • Water analyses
  • Chemical and Physical tests (Accelerated Studies)
  • Purified water testing according to USP (e.g., conductivity and TOC)
  • Environmental monitoring - microbiological testing 
  • Microbiological testing

Elemental Analysis

  • HR-ICP/MS (Finnigan ELEMENT 2, high resolution eliminating virtually all potential interferences) 
  • ICP/MS, ICP/OES, INAA, XRF S ample analysis of liquids and solids
  • Sensitivity in the range of parts per trillion
  • Failure Analysis by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM\EDS) 

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