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We have recently acquired a NEW state of the art QUANTATM Field Emission Gun Scanning Electron Microscope (FEG SEM).  The FEG SEM carries many advantages compared to that of a traditional SEM.  With the fine-point electron source delivered by the Field Emission Gun, the instrument provides higher resolution imaging, and with the low-Vacuum and E-SEM capability, samples stand to be analysed 'moist' or as-is without specialized preparation.  At high vacuum and under a W-filament (conditions of a conventional SEM), sample destruction can occur.  For life science applications with the FEG SEM, low vacuum and low electron energy conditions preserve sample integrity and ultrahigh resolution imaging is obtained. Our FEG SEM is the first of its type in North America.

This technology can be applied to the following applications:

We are currently in the application development phase and welcome application development requests. Images below are used to illustrate the types of analyses that are possible.

QUANTA Field Emission Gun Scanning Electron Microscope

Pill cross section

Aspirin. Broken particles, agglomerates and foreign particles in the micron and sub-micron range, 170 micron scale

Prozac. 60 micron scale

Particle Size analysis

Prednisone. 30 micron scale
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