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Cell Based Assays

Our scientists are highly experienced in both implementing client assays and developing them de novo. Our Canadian laboratories undergo routine audits from both regulatory agencies and clients alike. Our In Vitro Assay Service and Cell Based Bioassays Services include :


  • Human and animal cell lines (L929, Vero, IMR-90, MRC-5, CHO, HL-60, etc.)
  • CACO-2 (human small intestine model)
  • Isolated human blood cells (PBMC, lymphocytes, monocytes, etc.)

     Study types:

  • Barrier and metabolic functionalities as in vivo
  • Percutaneous absorption and metabolism, skin irritation, sensitization, corrosivity tests, phototoxicity, wound healing
  • Prediction of eye irritation potential of chemicals (alternative for in vivo Draize test)
  • Intestinal absorption and metabolism
  • Medical device cytotoxicity
  • Permeability of drug substances
  • Toxicity of API or excipients
  • API receptor binding assays
  • Physiological effect on cell cultures 
  • Biomarkers synthesis and release
  • Bioassays for neutralizing antibodies
  • Cytokine production
  • Phagocytosis/Opsonization
  • Study of Intracellular Enzyme Activity (COX, MPO, etc.)
  • Study of Signal transduction (STAT-1, p38 MAPK,P44, AKT/PKB, etc.)
  • Immune cell activation and toxicity study types:
    • Biomarkers (cell receptor activation & signaling)
    • Phagoctosis of neutrophiles/macrophage
    • Opsonization
    • Phototoxicity
  • Cell-mediated immunity

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