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Lithochem Stratigraphy (LCS)

Are you drilling in stratigraphic sections where well logs cannot be used to provide clear correlations and that have few fossil markers? LithoChemSM Stratigraphy can easily resolve ambiguous stratigraphic correlations. Actlabs’ LithoChemSM Stratigraphy package provides a complete analysis of the major element oxides plus 7 trace elements in drill cuttings or sidewall cores. A total of 18 geochemical parameters can be used to resolve correlation between wells in ambiguous sections. Actlabs’ analytical technology is not hampered by the problems of “near total” acid digestions used my most laboratories or by semi-quantitative laser-ablation spectrographic analyses. Total analyses are produced accurately and precisely for elements bound in resistate and refractory minerals. All detection limits in ppm.
Activation Laboratories Ltd. | 41 Bittern Street, Ancaster, Ontario, L9G 4V5, Canada | TF: +1.888.228.5227
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