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Geochemistry / Assay

Carbon/Sulphur/Nitrogen Species

Combustion techniques involve combusting the sample with an accelerator in ceramic sample holders in either induction or resistance furnaces. In the induction furnace the temperature is set wheras the resistance furnace temperature can be varied depending on the application. Generally organic C is measured with the resiustance furnace and the other carbon and sulphur species (total S, sulphate, sulphide) are measured using the induction furnace. The furnaces are coupled to infrared detectors. Actlabs has a Leco CS 244 analyzer for low level carbon and sulphur, a Leco CNS 2000 analyzer for carbon, nitrogen and sulphur, and Eltra CS-2000 with both induction and resistance furnace for measuring organic carbon, total carbon, total sulphur, sulphate and sulpide. CO2 is determined on an Eltra CO2/H2O analyzer. There is also a Carlo Erba CNHS analyzer for measuring these species using combustion and chromatographic methodologies.  

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