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8 - Graphite

Graphite packages listed are sold separately. Actlabs provides geochemical, mineralogical and metallurgical services for graphite.


Depending upon the mode of occurrence and origin, graphite is graded into three forms:

Flake - found inmetamorphosedrocks as vein deposits

Crystalline (lumpy) - found as fissure filled veins

Cryptocrystalline (amorphous) - form in metamorphosed coal beds


Graphite occurs generally admixed with the country rocks and therefore it requires beneficiation for obtaining desired grade for various end-uses. Processes for graphite beneficiation depend upon nature and association of gangue minerals present. The common processes adopted are washing, sorting, and tabling, acid leaching and froth flotation.


The majority of graphite production is crushed and ground and then beneficiated by flotation.

Treating graphite by flotation typically requires a series of flotation cells to obtain a purer and purer concentrate. In the milling process, the incoming graphite products and concentrates can be ground before being classified (sized or screened), with the product size fractions (-100 mesh, +100 - 80mesh, +80 - 50mesh, +50mesh) separated and carbon contents determined.


Graphite Services:


·         Specialized sample preparation to prevent sample loss

·         Determining optimum grind

·         Flotation testing

·         Gravity concentration using Wilfley table

·         Chemical upgrade

·         Flowsheet development to produce a product of sellable grade

·         FEG-MLA and FEG-QEMSCAN for determine flake size by in situ examination of core by SEM

·         Identification of impurity minerals in graphite

·         Determination of ways of upgrading graphite concentrate quality

·         % Ash yield


Code 8 - Graphite



Limit (%)

C Graphitic (infrared)


C - Total




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