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1A6 - Au Bleg-ICP/MS

BLEG (Bulk Liquid Extractable Gold) involves weighing a 1-2 kg sample into a polyethylene bottle, adding an appropriate cyanide solution (0.25% to 1% NaCN) and bottle rolling for a determined period of time. A pH of 10 or greater is maintained during leaching.  The gold is dissolved through formation of a cyanide complex. The resultant cyanide solution is diluted and analyzed by a Perkin Elmer Sciex ELAN 6000, 6100 or 9000 ICP/MS.  A blank is run every 40 samples after instrument recalibration. The method can be made multielement for other elements which are cyanide extractible. The presence of carbonaceous material may result in preg-robbing (absorption of gold). Roasting of the sample prior to the BLEG process may be desirable for carbonaceous material or high sulphide samples.




Code 1A6 (BLEG-ICP/MS) Detection Limits (ppb)











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