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4F - H20+/- - Gravimetric

H2O-(moisture) is determined gravimetrically using a 2 g sample heated in an oven at 105°C (Other temperatures may be used at special request).  0.3 g of the dried sample(from H2O-) is thermally decomposed in a resistance furnace in a pure nitrogen environment at 1000 °C (interstitial water, H2O+), using an ELTRA CW-800, directly releasing H2O. H2O absorbs IR energy at a precise wavelength within the IR spectrum. Energy from the IR source is absorbed as the gas passes through the cell, preventing it from reaching the IR detector. All other IR energy is prevented from reaching the IR detector by a narrow bandpass filter. Because of the filter, the absorption of IR energy can be attributed only to water (H2O). The concentration of H2O is detected as a reduction in the level of energy at the detector.




Detection Limit

H2O +/-



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