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6 - Metal Speciation in Water

Our research activities over the last few years have allowed us to link the capillary electrophoresis and HPLC techniques to conventional ICP/MS or High Resolution ICP/MS. Using as little as 5 µg/L of solution, we can conveniently speciate a number of metals for their inorganic or organic metal species. This allows determination of a number of metal species sequentially. ACTLABS can consult on the best ways to preserve samples for speciation analysis.

  • Pore Water Extraction (from sediment core)
  • As speciation (As3+, As5+, MMA, DMA)
  • Sn speciation (Tripropylpentyl; Tributylpentyl; Dibutyldipentyl; Monobutyl,tripentyl; Monophenyl,tripentyl; Diphenyl,tripentyl; Triphenyl,tripentyl)
  • Fe Speciation (Fe3+, Fe2+)
  • Se Speciation (Se6+, Se4+, Se-Methionine, Se-Cystine)
  • Cr Speciation (Cr3+, Cr6+)

Note - Minimum of 10 samples.

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