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5D - U-DNC Total

Samples are analyzed using the computer automated DNC counting system at a thermal neutron flux of 7 x 1012 n cm-2s-1 for the irradiation site of the DNC system. Samples are weighed to 1 g into small vials. The small vials are encapsulated in a medium vials, which is heat sealed at the McMaster Nuclear Reactor.


Three blanks and a minimum of two standards are run at the beginning and end of counting cycle to ensure proper setup. One blank and one standard are counted every 30 samples.  Four standards of varying U concentration are rotated throughout the run. Duplicates are analyzed when sample is provided.


Reference :
Hoffman, E.L., 1992. Instrumental Neutron Activation in Geoanalysis. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, volume 44, pp. 297-319.



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