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8 - Oil Shale

These analytical methods are used in exploration programs to determine the anticipated shale oil yield and to better delineate core characteristics . Each method listed is sold separately.


Sample Preparation

  • Wash, grind, homogenize 40 mesh
  • Grinding for Fischer Assay

Rock-Eval 2 Pyrolysis  

  • S1 – hydrocarbons evolved at 300°C (mg/g)  
  • S2 – hydrocarbons evolved between 300 and 600°C (mg/g) heating at 25°C/min
  • S3 – organic carbon dioxide evolved at 300°C and up to 390°C (mg/g)  
  • Production Index, Hydrogen Index, and Oxygen Index and TMAX (MUST ANALYZE TOC TO OBTAIN HI AND OI)
  • Total Organic Carbon (LECO)


Rock-Eval 6 Pyrolysis   

  • Programmed pyrolysis + TOC + CO 2

Fischer Assay- ASTM D3904

  • Free water - moisture (wt%) by oven drying
  • Retort water (wt% and L/tonne)  
  • Oil yield (wt% and L/tonne)  
  • Gas yield (wt% and L/tonne)
  • Spent shale (wt%)   
  • Gas average molecular weight  
  • Oil relative density  


GC Scan

  • GC scan of shale gas to include as a minimum: H2, N2, CO, CO2, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5+

Elemental Analysis  

  • Total carbon, sulphur
  • Total organic carbon
  • Total oxygen
  • Pyritic sulfur
  • Sulfate sulfur
  • Mercury
  • Fluoride
  • Mineral Identification

Ultimate Analysis   

  • Quantitative elemental determination
  • Includes:Carbon
    Carbon + Hydrogen
    Total Sulphur

Proximate Analysis 
Ash, moisture and volatile matter (used to determine the distribution of products obtained when the coal sample is heated under specified conditions).

Free Swelling Index 
A measurement of the swelling properties of coal when heated without physical constraints.

Calorific Value

Quantity of head produced by combustion.

Ash Fusion Temperature   

  • Includes:Reducing

Whole Rock Analysis  

A whole rock analysis is performed to provide chemical analysis of inorganic components of the rock.


Trace Metal Analysis

Near total digestion is performed and a full trace metal scan by ICP shall be conducted to include at least the following elements: Cu, Pb, Zn, Fe, W, Mo, Sn, In, Bi, Cd, Sb, F, Nb, Ta, Th, Cs, Y, As, Ag, U, and V.


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